The weather is cold, playing mobile phones in the nest, how much hurt your eyes?


The weather is cold, playing mobile phones in the nest, how much hurt your eyes?

The weather is cold, everyone likes to play in the warm bed, but you know that playing mobile phone in the bed will lead to blindness?

Blindness is a bit exaggerated, but it does hurt the eyes. In the dark environment, people are more sensitive to light, especially when lying down and playing with a mobile phone. The background is too vertical, and the light of the screen is directed at the eyes, which will increase the eye adjustment system.The burden is easy to cause eye fatigue and deepening myopia.

Even if the macular degeneration or even blindness is a bit extreme, there is no clear evidence that playing the phone and the two have anything to do with it.

Can a large-screen phone be better than a small-screen phone?

The big-screen mobile phone is not hurting, it should be just the gimmick of the mobile phone manufacturer.

Our eyes will automatically adjust the focal length according to the distance, the image size will automatically adjust the focus, receive the light, so that the eyes are in the most comfortable state, injury does not hurt the eye, with the brightness of the phone, the length of time to play the phone is relatively large, and the size of the phone screen has nothing to do with.

Look at the mobile phone like this, less hurt the eye 1, when watching the mobile phone, pay attention to the time to rest and play the mobile phone is best not to exceed half an hour, can you close your eyes and relax 3?
5 minutes, or look at the distance to adjust.

2, the phone screen is not too bright to not hurt, you should dim the brightness of the phone, so that the brightness and color as soft as possible (and open the night mode that many mobile phones have).

Or open a low-brightness background light in the room to ease the difference in brightness between the screen and the environment, which can protect the eyes.