Shaving is good for facial cleansing

Shaving is good for facial cleansing

Wash your face with warm water after shaving, and gently pat your cheeks with a hot towel. After drying, you should also rub some skin care products to make your face smooth and moist, and leave a bit of fragrance.

  Studies have shown that shaving is good for skin cleansing, shedding dead skin cells, but also enhancing the vitality of the face and lower jaw muscles, promoting local blood circulation and metabolism, helping to eliminate wrinkles, and making people easier to look young and handsome.

 However, please note for men: Improper shaving can also cause skin problems.

  Some people wipe their face with soap before shaving, and the skin has a hot discomfort after shaving.

If you use toothpaste instead of soap, you don’t have this deficiency, and it feels cool and moisturizing, which is very comfortable.

Shaving cream contains drugs that soften the beard’s horny skin and lubricate the skin. It can be used on the beard to make the beard soft and moist. It can relieve the friction between the blade and the skin and make people feel painless.

However, the ingredients of shaving cream are generally more complicated. A few people may cause allergic dermatitis and other reactions after use. At this time, you should stop using it.

  The razor should be suitable for you. Some people like to use old-style razors, but more men are happy to use a safety razor with embedded blades. The sharp blades are very clean and smooth on the skin, leaving no beard.Stubble.

Absolutely, electric shavers are gaining popularity.

The electric tremor during shaving can enhance the vitality around the lips and cheek area, serial tremor massage, and dredge the meridian qi and blood.

However, after a few people use it, the skin around the mouth will itch for a while, and it will gradually improve and disappear after termination.

This may be related to contact with the nickel contained in the electric shaver.

Nickel is the most common allergen. When the skin is damaged, bacterial infections and excessive friction can increase nickel absorption.

At this time, stop using the electric shaver.

  Obviously yes, some people like to pull their beards with their hands or tweezers. This is a bad habit. Bacteria can easily invade and cause skin diseases such as folliculitis and pimple.

  Shaving in the morning is good. At this time, the face and epidermis are in a relaxed state. Before shaving, you should wash your face and cover it with a hot towel to make the pores and beards swell and soften.

About 3?
After 4 minutes, gently apply soap or facial cleanser on the cheeks and around the lips. Wait a moment to make the beard softer.

  After shaving, use warm water to wash your face after shaving, and gently pat the shorts with a hot towel. After drying, you should also rub some skin care products to make your face smooth and moist, and leave a bit of fragrance.