Exercise mistakes put your body at risk

Exercise mistakes put your body at risk

Misunderstanding 1: Take a large amount of exercise and high intensity exercise in the initial exercise.

  Suddenly a lot of exercise, the body is difficult to adapt, there will be serious fatigue, sore body or cause old diseases, and even cause tendons, muscle strain, it is difficult to persist in long-term exercise.

The correct exercise method is: start with a small amount of exercise, small amplitude, simple movements, and let the body have a process of adaptation. This process is also called the fatigue period, about half a month, and then gradually increase the amount of exercise, increase the magnitude, and move slowlyFrom easy to difficult.

  Misunderstanding 2: The first exercise of equipment, I think that all equipment can be counted as exercise.

  In fact, there is no need to do the equipment one by one every time.

That will not only take up a lot of your time, but because of sudden and excessive physical activity, your body will be sore, which will make it difficult to maintain normal exercise.

The correct way is to ask the fitness instructor or according to your own situation, to develop an optimal exercise program, and realize your bodybuilding plan step by step.

  Misunderstanding 3: As long as you exercise more, you don’t need to control your diet to achieve weight loss.

  This method can only achieve a small amount of entry and balance or does not increase too much. In fact, often drinking sweet drinks, eating pastries and dried fruits, especially dried fruits that can squeeze out oil and high-conversion foods, can make you hard.The bitter weight loss results are gone.

Therefore, in order to obtain a long-lasting weight loss effect, in addition to exercising, you should also make a reasonable change in your diet.

  Myth 4: Fasting exercises are harmful to health.

  Research proves that 4?
5 hours (ie fasting) of moderate exercise, such as walking, dancing, jogging, aerobics, cycling, etc., can help lose weight.

This was because no new fatty acids entered the body at the time, and it was easier to consume excess aunts, especially postpartum aunts, and the weight loss effect was not after a meal 1?
2 hours of exercise.