The uniqueness of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of obesity


The uniqueness of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of obesity

Relatively speaking, the traditional Chinese medicine method has played an important role in the treatment of obesity, and the combination of Chinese and Western medicine has also made great progress in the research of obesity prevention and treatment.

Compared with Western medicine, there are many kinds of Chinese herbal medicines that can be used for weight loss. The main purpose of application is the same as that of Western medicine, which is to suppress appetite and promote energy consumption and excretion.

However, its role in conditioning the body, qi and benefit is more important than the characteristics of Western medicine treatment in the over-adjusted body, and the effect of Chinese medicine is more moderate and less, and is favored by the majority of patients.

In addition to Chinese herbal medicine, traditional acupuncture and acupuncture needles are also effective, economical and convenient.

銆€銆€But there are also some unsatisfactory points.

First of all, taking Chinese medicine or acupuncture treatment must be effective in advanced low-dose diets. This is not negligible; in comparison, the cost of Chinese medicine is much higher and the production process is more complicated, and further research is needed.

In addition, Chinese medicine is an empirical medicine. The dialectical treatment of the disease is greatly influenced by the doctor’s experience. The same disease can have many signs and prescriptions, and the effect will naturally be different.

Modern Chinese medicine has formulated a variety of weight-loss medicines. Because of the lack of “different from person to person”, the efficiency is more than <50%.