Health needs to go the middle way


Health needs to go the middle way

No matter sports or diet, daily life, emotions, and health care, you can’t go to extremes, you can’t lose it, and you need to go to the middle.

銆€銆€Moderately moderate people like to eat too much sweet and sour food, while others are too much to ask for a light diet, thinking that it is very healthy.

銆€銆€In fact, both approaches are not desirable, or to seek a golden mean, eating too heavy or too light is not desirable.

Eating too much, such as salt, may lead to an increase in the incidence of hypertension; while the diet is too light, the human body may lack certain needs

If some women are worried about excessive and desperately losing weight, the result is unfortunately too small, but may bring infertility problems.

The same is true for eating meat. Eating too much may cause the plasma to rise, while not eating it may cause problems such as insufficient muscle strength.

Therefore, diet should be diversified, cumulative balance, taste is not salty and not healthy.

銆€銆€Living should be on time. The time spent on daily life should also be on the middle of the road. There are no fixed rules, but adjustments should be made according to seasonal changes.

From the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic”, the Chinese have summed up the way of health care for the four seasons. For example, the summer is long and short, suitable for late sleep and early morning, but it is easy to bring about lack of sleep, so it is best to make up at noon.

In autumn, as the temperature gradually decreases, the daylight gradually expands. Therefore, it is suitable for nights and nights. It is best to start late and get up again after dawn.

It is suitable for early morning and evening, and wakes up after the sun rises, which is good for the body to store nutrients.

Spring is the season of yang, so it is necessary to get up early in the night and breathe fresh air outdoors.

銆€銆€In addition, there are no rules for people’s living habits, but personal physique.

People who are hot and humid, often afraid of heat, are not afraid of cold. Therefore, when the weather is particularly hot in summer and summer, they should be active in the shade. The house can also choose Dongfang, Nanfang (that is, facing west, facing north);People with yang deficiency are more afraid of cold. It is best to choose the north house of Xiangyang.

銆€銆€Emotional taboos have a greater impact on human health, and Chinese medicine pays attention to so-called sadness, anger, liver, and sadness.

It is important to maintain good health and maintain emotional stability.

Especially in the spring, because people’s liver fire is relatively strong, it is more likely to be angry, but it is more harmful to the liver; big joy and great sadness may also bring blood pressure fluctuations, leading to the onset of hypertension.

Therefore, regardless of the elderly or young people, we must try to maintain a stable mood, and should not be overjoyed and emotional.

銆€銆€Sporadic Movement Nowadays, many people recognize the principle that “life is in motion”, but usually it takes a few hours to actively exercise for a few hours, and busy for several weeks without exercising.

Many people who don’t exercise often have the time to “remediate classes” when they have time to exercise. It is easy to cause sports injuries.

Therefore, it is too late to say that the movement must also talk about the golden mean.

銆€銆€Let’s put the sport into the daily routine, don’t move, and don’t “move a big move.”

If you don’t have a lot of time to exercise, you may wish to do “small sports” according to your own situation, even if each exercise time is only three or five minutes.

For example, the office family will not interfere with the 90-hour morning to do the segmentation exercise, and move around a little; people who often use computers can also massage the eye points in the eye, in addition to doing eye exercises, and those who are armed with physical activity,When you are resting, you need to move your brain. You can transfer health balls and walnuts.