Duodenal ulcer treated with egg shell fried yellow

Duodenal ulcer treated with egg shell fried yellow

Egg shell is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, which is included in “Chinese Medicine Dictionary”.

The egg shell used in medicine was first seen in “Bright Herbal Medicine”. According to the literature, it has the effects of dryness and dampening drink, making acid and pain, nourishing kidney and bones, astringing and stopping bleeding, eliminating diarrhea and detoxification and sore.Disease, ear pus embolism.

  Because the egg shell powder and Weishuping take the same amount of value, the pH value of the aqueous solution is basically the same, both are greater than 9, and it is alkaline. It can be considered that the mechanism of acid production of egg shell powder is mainly to neutralize gastric acid.

It can be seen that there is some scientific basis for the symptoms of acid reflux treated by eggshell patients.

  The fine powder made from fried egg shells after the yellow method has the effect of changing the clotting time of mice, which is similar to the literature’s document that its function converges and stops bleeding and treats various bleeding.

Because the internal coagulation process and the exogenous coagulation process, calcium replaces the essential blood coagulation factors, so it can be inferred that the high content of calcium in eggshell powder is a substance that has a convergent hemostatic effect instead of time.
  Modern experiments have also proven that the hemostatic and acid-suppressive effects of egg shells are the pharmacological basis for the treatment of duodenal ulcers. Therefore, it is reasonable for patients to recover duodenal ulcers after taking egg shells and fried yellow powderof.
However, there are many causes of duodenal ulcer, and it is related to genetic and psychological factors. Therefore, it is recommended that if you solve the disease of duodenal ulcer, you should first go to the hospital for examination to determine the cause and perform standard treatment.
The egg shell is fried after taking it, and can be used as an adjuvant treatment under the guidance of a doctor.