Concept mask stocks rose in batches and another batch of listed companies joined across borders

Concept mask stocks rose in batches and another batch of listed companies joined across borders

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  Reporter | Meiling February 25, A shares out of the V-shaped trend, mask stocks remain strong.

On that day, the overall mask sector grew by 4.

88%, and the following 10 stocks daily limit: Jiangnan Gaoxian (600527.

SH), Neptune Creature (000078.

SZ), search Yute (002503.

SZ), Yangpu Medical (300030.

SZ), Dawn Shares (002838.

SZ), Zhende Medical (603301.

SH), Ogilvy Medical (002950.

Shenzhen), Xinlong Holdings (000955.

Shenzhen), South Wei shares (603880.

SH), TEDA Shares (000652.


  With the market price of masks rising again, after the market on February 25, a number of listed companies issued an 厦门夜网 announcement on the proportion of masks in the company’s main business income and the replacement of masks, disinfectants and other business areas.

  On the evening of February 25, the following listed companies released a description of the company’s situation with masks.

The main business of these companies is the lighting equipment, water-saving irrigation, and auto parts sales.

  Debon Lighting (603303.

(SH) said that the subsidiary has successfully developed special materials for the production of masks for polypropylene meltblown, and has achieved mass production.

In the main composition of Debang Lighting’s 2018 annual report, the R & D, production and sales of lighting appliances accounted for 99% of the company’s main revenue.


  Dayu Water Saving (300021.

SZ) said that according to the latest new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control material needs and the company’s future development plan, the company plans to develop medical equipment research and development, production, sales; masks, protective clothing, disinfectant, thermometer and other production andSales; self-operated and agency import and export of various goods and technologies.

  According to Dayu Water Savings 2018 Annual Report, water-saving irrigation accounts for 99% of total income.


  Shuanglin shares (300,100.

(SZ) said that combined with the company’s resumption of labor needs, the company plans to build a new mask production line for the production of emergency protective civilian masks and disposable medical masks (non-sterile) and other medical protective supplies.

  Among the main components of Shuanglin’s 2019 half-year report, auto parts sales accounted for 98% of the company’s revenue.


  On February 25, it was clarified that companies with protective products such as masks that accounted for a small proportion of the company’s main business income were: Zhende Medical and Nanwei.

These two stocks have reached daily limit for two consecutive trading days.

  Zhende Medical announced on the evening of February 25 that in 2018, the company’s masks and other protective products achieved sales income of 54.25 million yuan, accounting for the company’s main business income3.

83%; In the first three quarters of 2019, the company’s masks and other protective products achieved sales income of 51.88 million yuan, accounting for the company’s main business income4.

07%, accounting for a small proportion of the company’s main business income.

Affected by the recent outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia, the company’s demand for protective equipment such as masks has increased.

  Nanwei shares said that after the Spring Festival, the company temporarily increased the mask production business due to the demand for anti-epidemic materials, and currently the mask business accounted for less than zero operating income last year.


Considering the actual purpose of mask production and the relatively small production capacity, it is not expected to have a significant impact on the company’s subsequent performance.  Hualian shares of the triple board (600156.

(SH) said that the company’s main business is the production and sales of ramie textiles. The company currently does not have the production conditions for medical masks, nor has it obtained the production license for medical masks. The medical masks have not yet been put into production.

  In addition, Sinopec (600028.

(SH) On February 25, it stated that 10 meltblown cloth production lines will be put into operation. The meltblown cloth is mainly used for the filter layer in the middle of medical masks, thereby replacing the shortage of core materials for internal masks.

  The Minsheng Securities Research Report stated that under the epidemic, the gap between supply and demand of masks exceeded 100 million yuan, the equipment investment recovery period was short, and the demand for mask equipment was high. Demand-side: 70% replacement replacement rate, assuming that the primary industry with less impact is not considered, per person per dayCalculating with a mask, the demand for masks amounts to 3 per day.

900 million.

In the short term, the epidemic situation has brought about an explosive growth in demand for medical masks. At present, the demand for mask equipment in the local market has exploded.

In the long run, the national collection and storage system, the education of national hygiene habits and the update of fully automatic high-speed equipment will drive long-term market growth.