Precautions for weight loss drugs


Precautions for weight loss drugs

In the sunny season, people are fading away from the cumbersome clothes in winter, the slim figure of the girls, and the elegant skirts make up the beautiful scenery on the streets of the city.

For obese people, the slightly raised lower abdomen, the thick thighs, make them so good, so they thought of a common theme – weight loss.

There are many ways to lose weight, and weight loss is one of them.

銆€銆€To know that any drug may have side effects, it is necessary to strictly control the drug’s indications, take it under the guidance of a doctor, do not arbitrarily intervene, and take the drug at your own pace.

Moreover, in the process of taking medicine, doctors should be consulted regularly to check the physical condition and detect the occurrence of drug substitution.

銆€銆€As the saying goes, “You can’t eat a fat man in a single meal.” In turn, it is impossible to “eat a few thin slices of medicine into a thin person.” Only by insisting on taking the medicine is easy to overcome, and it will have obvious effects.

However, we should not rely solely on drugs to lose weight. Otherwise, we should combine diet, exercise, psychology and other treatments, and we should fundamentally change the lifestyle that causes obesity, pay attention to nutritional balance, reduce long-term meditation, increase regular exercise, etc.Wait.

Only in this way can we not get fat again after stopping the drug and give up.

銆€銆€Finally, it is feasible to take both drugs at the same time.

Some studies have shown that taking dexfenfluramine and fentamin at the same time, each drug uses only half of the maximum amount, and can achieve the weight loss effect of using one of them to the maximum dose alone, and is significantly reduced.

Therefore, the combination of drugs has certain advantages.

However, there are not many reports in this area, and there is not enough understanding of possible problems, so it must be applied under the guidance of a doctor.