Ten key points of TCM health


Ten key points of TCM health

Men and women have different Chinese quotations from the classics: “Yin and Yang, the way of heaven and earth.”

“The woman’s life, more than the gas, the lack of blood, and the number of blood.

“Men belong to the yang, the sex is more than just squatting, the gas is the basis, and more military physical labor, gas consumption above, so the health adjustment is mostly based on qi and yang.

Women are more weak, taking blood as the first, and regulating the blood and yin.

銆€銆€The quotations of traditional Chinese medicine in the order of infants and young children in life: “Xiaoyang is not filled, and the yin is not long.”

“Considering the physiological characteristics of children, to protect their “yin-yin”, “small-yang” is the main, that is, the use of dietary drugs should not be used fiercely, use the agent too cold and heat, the dose should be light and the disease will stop.

銆€銆€Classic quotations of young Chinese and middle-aged Chinese medicine: “Twenty years old, bloody beginning, muscles are long.”

(The man is about thirty-two years old) “The bones are prosperous and the muscles are full.”

(Women are around 28 years old) “Strong bones and strong body, strong body.”

銆€銆€This period is suspicious of stone, so the adjustment of the physique of the individual to adjust the yin and yang.

銆€銆€Classic quotations of old-age Chinese medicine: “The five internal organs are all dying, the bones are relieved, and the scorpion is full of sputum, so it is white, the body is heavy, the walking is not correct, and there is no child ear.

“Women are forty-nine years old, men are about fifty-six years old, and they begin to enter the old age of dysfunction of qi and yin and yang.

The adjustment of the elderly, when supplemented by the main, always take care of it, in order to maintain a relatively balanced yin and yang, in order to achieve the purpose of health and longevity.

銆€銆€Shuntianshi is a classic quotation of health Chinese medicine: “Four yin and yang, the root of all things.”

Therefore, the saints raise the yang in spring and summer, and raise the yin in autumn and winter, so as to rise from the roots of the roots.

If you reverse the roots, you will cut it down and destroy its true meaning.

“There are springs, summers, autumns, and colds in different seasons. The biological world has a chance to stagnate yin and yang, and there are spring, summer, autumn, and winter life rhythms.And care for yin and yang.

銆€銆€According to the monthly contour profit and loss, the traditional Chinese quotations of the diarrhea: “The beginning of the month, the blood gas begins to fine, the qi is started; the monthly contour is full, the blood is solid, the muscle is firm; the moon is empty, the muscle is reduced, the meridian is virtual, the qi is weak., living alone.

It is also because of the time and blood.

“Chinese medicine believes that the yin and yang of the human body, blood gas, and the changes in the meridians are closely related to the profit and loss of the moon.”

When the yin and yang are full of qi and blood at the end of the month, you should make less supplements. If the yin and yang are more spleen in the month, you should take less medicine.

銆€銆€With the morning fainting of the night, the traditional Chinese quotations are taken: “Yangqi, one day and the other, the ordinary life of Pingdan, the middle and the yang, the sun and the yang, the valve is closed, it is the reason and the rejection, no disturbanceThe bones and bones are nowhere to see the fog. On the other hand, the shape is thin.

“In the morning to the day, the yang is born and prosperous, and should be raised in the sun. It should be in the early morning of dawn, appropriate outdoor activities, so that the blood and blood can be smooth, and help the yang.

From the sun to the night, the sun is converging and hiding, and people should be quiet and confined, less work, no bones, and care for the blood and nourish the Yin.

銆€銆€According to the difference in constitution, the classic quotations of Chinese medicine are supplemented: “The life of a person is also soft, strong and strong, short and long, and yin and yang.

“” People are based on the water valley.

“Different foods can cause physical differences, and different regions and different races have physical differences.

The difference in physique is nothing more than the yin and yang of the yin and yang. The principle of adoption is to compensate for the difference between physique and yin and yang.

Depending on the individual, or supplementing the yin, or Yiyang is the main.

Yin Yin helps Yang, Yiyang with Yin, can “source inexhaustible”, “biochemical infinity”, health and longevity.

銆€銆€I would like to talk to the classic quotations of Chinese medicine in the five flavors: “The sea of the stomach of the stomach, the source of the six hexagrams.”
鈥?”” Acid into the liver, Xin into the lungs, bitter into the heart, salty into the kidney, into the spleen.

“The birth of Yin, this is in the five flavors, the fifth house of Yin, hurt in five flavors.

It is too much acid, liver gas to Tianjin, temper is absolutely; taste is too salty, big bones, labor, short muscles, heart temper; taste too sweet, heart full, black, kidney imbalance; taste too bitter, temperOh, the stomach is thick; the taste is too strong, the veins are relaxed, and the spirit is the center.

“Chinese medicine said that the spleen and stomach is the foundation of the day after tomorrow.”

All health care providers are all based on the spleen and stomach, and they should be adjusted to the spleen and stomach.

Dietary adjustment is an indispensable alternative to spleen and stomach.

When eating and conditioning, you should pay attention to avoid eating, cold and hot, should be light, avoid cold, and chew these relatively easy to handle matters.Chinese medicine believes that the five flavors of the diet have their own affinity with the five internal organs.

Therefore, diet and health must be five flavors and tune, in order to nourish the five internal organs, otherwise the diet is excessively partial, resulting in insufficient nutrition, causing a variety of diseases.

銆€銆€Running the classic quotations of Chinese medicine for qi and blood multi-sports: “The rise and fall of the gas, the use of the heavens and the earth is also . the escaping of the gods and the annihilation of the gods.

“The blood of the people, the expensive in and out of the regular, running endlessly.

Therefore, those who are good at health care will reconcile their blood and keep them flowing.

An important way to run blood is to exercise more.

The content of TCM exercise is extremely rich, and the variety is wide and there are many methods.

Such as Qigong, guidance, Wu Qin Xi, Ba Duan Jin, Tai Chi, Yi Jin Jing, massage, massage, walking, jogging, climbing and so on.

Chinese medicine emphasizes the harmony and unity of exercise, interest and action, that is, the intention to keep, the interest rate adjustment, and the coordination of action.

At the same time, outstanding sports health, but also pay attention to the right amount, can not be overworked, otherwise it will be harmful to health.

銆€銆€The quotation of the classic Chinese medicine classics of Pingshen Yishen Tiannian: “All diseases are born in Qi.”

The anger is on the air, the happiness is slow, the sorrow is the gas, the fear is the gas, the shock is the chaos.

“Emotional activities of people are closely related to air movements.
鈥?The emotions are smooth, which helps the air machine to be smooth; if the emotions are uncomfortable, each air machine will be chaotic or closed.

Health Predicts Jingjing, Taoism is natural, and loves God; less selfish desires, clear-heartedness and tranquility; calming ears, disturbing the nerves; cheerful and optimistic, pleasant and refreshing; Tao Yiqing, flat and pleasant;Lean gas, raise your heart and give up your heart.

銆€銆€The classic quotations of Chinese medicine practitioners who have not been treated for medical treatment: “It is the sage who has not cured the disease, and has not been cured;

The husband’s disease has become a cure for the disease, and the chaos has been completed and then treated. For example, if you are thirsty and wear a well, fight and cast a cone, it is not too late!

“There is two meanings in the treatment of illness: one is to prevent disease before it happens, and the other is to prevent its transmission after the disease.

The main content of the former is to take birth, which shows that the birth is important for preventing the occurrence of diseases.

To follow certain principles, you can generalize the following two aspects: First, adjust the mental form, improve the function of preventing diseases; adapt to the four-time changes, and avoid the invasion of foreign evils.

Another meaning of treating illness is: disease prevention.

After the external evil invades the human body, if it is not treated in time, the disease may gradually deepen and invade the internal organs, making the condition worse.

Therefore, once you are sick, you should not be treated with ailments, so that you can’t help if you get sick.