Sleeping Beauty’s Sleep Detox Raiders_1

Sleeping Beauty’s “Sleep Detox” Raiders

“Sleeping Beauty” always gives a quiet and sweet feeling.

Sleeping beauty, as the name suggests, beauty comes out of sleep.
Getting enough sleep is a prerequisite for beauty.
The face is an intuitive part that expresses beauty, so it is important to maintain the beauty of the face.
.hzh {display: none; }  现代mm似乎都缺少睡眠,其实睡眠对一个人的肌体和美容至关重要,可以说任何化妆品和饮食都比不上睡眠对肌肤的保健作用大。Medical research shows that the most active metabolism of human epidermal cells is from midnight to 2 am, and staying up late is the most disfiguring, because sleeplessness will affect the speed of cell regeneration and lead to skin aging.Reflected on the ladies’ faces.
Therefore, if women want to keep their facial skin good, they must develop the habit of falling asleep before 12 midnight.
  专家说:睡眠排毒时刻表  21∶00—23∶00免疫系统排毒  23∶00—凌晨1∶00肝部排毒(需熟睡)  凌晨1∶00—3∶00大肠排毒  早上7∶00—9∶00小肠大量吸收营养  压力大,有时候尽管已经感到很疲倦了,但是就是睡不着或是睡不踏实怎么办?  Get Ready to Improve Your Sleep Quality 1.
Bathing 沐浴 Bathing before going to bed will naturally increase body temperature, blood circulation will be smoother, blood flow speed and water pressure will promote the metabolism of the whole body, and every inch of skin will be completely relaxed.
Before going to bed, it is best to enjoy a bath.
It is especially dry in autumn and winter, so diy aromatherapy bath is most suitable at home.
Put a jar of water in the bathtub to let the scent of aroma relax the tense nerves, and the mood will be sunny with it.
睡前照镜  睡前除了仔细洗脸和做些简单的脸部按摩外,还有一个妙方——多照镜子——对着镜子反复做出你自己认为最美好的表情,然后在欢乐的心境Fall asleep.
The beautiful expression will leave an impression in your brain, and you will become a real “sleeping beauty”.
Music, milk-a good companion to sleep. After exposure throughout the day, the skin at night will be particularly tired.
Use the time before bedtime to listen to music, so that you can immerse yourself in the quiet and soft mood created by music, so that the spirit and skin can be soothed by music, and will increase the skin’s ability to absorb skin care products.
In the morning, the skin just wakes up after a good night’s sleep, playing a musical note of guzheng and bamboo flute, elegant and bright, and combined with massage and maintenance actions can activate skin cells and keep the mind clear.
  Drink a glass of hot milk before bed, its rich calcium and tryptophan can relax muscles.
Milk contains two hypnotic substances. These two substances can bind to the central nerve or peripheral opioid peptide receptors to make the whole body comfortable, which is conducive to falling asleep and relieving fatigue.
The hypnotic effect of the physically weak and neurasthenia is particularly obvious.
  Tips: To ensure good sleep, in addition to the milk and music mentioned above, these appliances such as the following can help you have a better sleep: silk or cotton bedding, eye masks, earplugs, haveMay wish to try some background music, keep the ideal room temperature around 20 ℃, and according to scientific research, the best sleeping position is supine.