In the autumn, cough first moisturizes the lungs, and often eats 5 kinds of natural cough medicines.

In the autumn, cough first moisturizes the lungs, and often eats 5 kinds of “natural cough medicines”.

Autumn cough is an acute cough, a disease that occurs in the respiratory system, and the chance of coughing in the fall is relatively large, so many people in the fall hear the sound of cough everywhere.

Acute cough due to allergic contact with allergens, the receptors of the respiratory mucosa are repeatedly stimulated, causing cough.

Dryness is the main force of autumn, and the lungs are delicate and not resistant to cold and heat.

The lungs communicate with the outside world through the nose, so it is easy to be injured by autumn dryness, so too many people are prone to dry throat and cough in the fall.

So what should I eat in the autumn cough?

Dry weather in autumn is prone to cough symptoms. Cough does not have to take medicine. In fact, many foods are often hidden as “natural cough medicines”.

Dry in the autumn to moisten the lungs, often eat 5 kinds of “natural cough medicine”, lungs and cough have curative effect!

First, Luo Han Guo drink water with Luo Han Guo every day after the autumn, sore cough and sputum effect is good, Luo Han Guo can solve the effect of Shengjin cough, lungs, cough due to lung heat, etc., need Luo Han Guo tea is very helpful, wash the Luo Han GuoYou can use boiled water, and you can recover from a mild cough for two days.

Second, dandelion dandelion is a common weed, in fact, the medicinal value of dandelion is also very high, because dandelion is called natural antibiotics, so usually drink dandelion tea can dissolve a good anti-inflammatory and phlegm.

Third, pomelo peel pomelo is rich in nutrients, can be used to warm stomach, phlegm, spleen, throat, clearing fire laxative, lipid-lowering and other therapeutic effects, especially suitable for middle-aged and elderly patients with diabetes!

When the baby at home gets pneumonia, we can also wash the grapefruit skin, boil water, drink for a few days, pneumonia will be good!

Fourth, tomatoes and tomatoes are troublesome for fever, dry mouth, bleeding gums, stomach heat and bitterness, and virtual fire on the fire has a better therapeutic effect.

However, it is recommended that patients with stomach problems should not eat raw tomatoes as well.

Fifth, oranges and oranges are rich in multivitamins and contain certain ingredients of narcotine, which has antitussive effect similar to codeine and has no central inhibition.

Therefore, eating oranges in autumn and winter can prevent and relieve cough.

Because of the climatic reasons, autumn is a season that is particularly prone to illness. If you accidentally let the disease get lost, so in life, friends must pay attention to their bodies.

Today, Xiaobian recommends these foods to everyone. Everyone can eat more, and the right amount of exercise has a good effect on preventing and relieving cough.

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