Pay attention to liposuction


Pay attention to liposuction

Does a man love a certain kind of beauty?

The answer is: angel face, devil figure!

What is the devil figure?

Of course: the bumps are good, one point is fat, and one point is thinner.

銆€銆€In order to achieve this goal, many people have tried hard to practice, but they have not been successful.

However, if there is such a way to fulfill your wish and become the perfect princess in his heart, are you willing to try?

銆€銆€Abdominal liposuction process: 1.

Painless anesthesia, about 1 cm incision from the navel or perineal pubic hair, choose the two places to do the correct purpose is to make the overlap concealed.


Injection of intumescent fluid (with hemostatic agent).


After the liposuction tube is inserted from the tip end portion, it is repeatedly repeated in all directions.


When the feces are aspirated to a suitable amount, they are incorporated.


Put on a stretch suit.

銆€銆€Surgery time: about 1 hour.

銆€銆€Special tips: 1.

2 weeks wound can be removed, but can not take a bath before the line is removed; 2?
Wearing elastic suit for 3 months, slowly swelling after 2 days.


Gradually carry out multiple activities within the allowable range, the brakes will be swollen as soon as possible, reducing the chance of mild embolism.