Five types of human grains should never be eaten casually

Five types of human grains should never be eaten casually

Introduction: Grain cereals should never be eaten casually. Now people are pursuing a little bit of diet, so they have turned their attention to grain cereals, because they contain many kinds of lack of human body, including sufficient amount of fiber, so they have been favored by people.But, you must know that you ca n’t eat it casually. See who ca n’t eat it casually?


People with Digestive Difficulties People with Digestive Difficulties (eg, gastric ulcers, duodenal ulcers) are not suitable for eating whole grains, because these ingredients are rough, and physical friction with the injection tract can cause wound pain.

People who are prone to bloating are not comfortable eating too much.

  Reminder: People with gastrointestinal diseases should not eat too much buckwheat, because buckwheat is prone to indigestion; also consider eating soy to avoid flatulence.


Anemia, calcium-free people have high phytic acid and oxalic acid content in grains, which can inhibit calcium, especially the absorption of iron. Therefore, people with calcium deficiency and anemia should eat smarter. For example, milk cannot be eaten with grain rice.It will not absorb calcium.

  In addition, the blood calcium and iron contained in red meat are not affected by phytic acid, but most elderly people dare not eat red meat. In addition, if they eat whole grains for health, it will be very bad. Some people eat too much grains and have anemia.No improvement.

  The same is true for women. If you have anemia and like to eat miscellaneous grains, you must add red meat. Half of the source of meat for a day must be red meat.


Kidney patients Kidney patients need to eat delicate white rice instead.

Because the content of protein, potassium, and phosphorus in grains is high, it is easy to eat as a staple food, and the patient’s body cannot tolerate it.

  Zhang Wuben, who is responsible for the diet and health of chronic kidney disease in the hospital, said that from time to time, when patients are facing the crisis of kidney dialysis, they go home and quickly discard white rice and change to whole grains to restore their health., Blood test, found that the patient’s potassium, phosphorus suddenly spiked, and asked carefully to know the patient’s anti-intelligence practices.


Diabetics People with diabetes should control starch supplements, even if they eat whole grains.

  And although the grains are low in blood because of enough fiber, medical staff encourages people with diabetes to eat them, but once diabetes is associated with renal complications, you can’t eat rice with grains at this time, you have to go back and eat refined white rice, so many patients may end up.


Gout patients eat more beans, which will cause increased uric acid, and the amount of beans absorbed in the grain will be minimized.