Several common psychology of middle-aged men’s affair

Several common psychology of middle-aged men’s affair

A mature middle-aged man has basically overcome the naivety of young people and the enthusiasm of young people. They have both talent and knowledge, and can judge the situation with ease and reason.

In addition, some people have made their appearances in their careers. Their career and social structure will arouse the envy of women. Coupled with the bumpy experience, they are experienced in the world, and they better understand the psychological characteristics of women.Out of a manly style.

Therefore, if the relationship between husband and wife is still the same, middle-aged men will fall into the mire of emotional conflict.

  Middle-aged men’s affair is mainly associated with mentality.

A premature man often blindly judges love. When he wakes up from his dream first love and spends a honeymoon, they really know the woman.

And once the life like a gelatinous wedding is warned once, the idols in the minds of men will be completely broken.

In doubt, men turn their attention to the outside.

At this time, once he meets a woman who understands himself, is it possible for him and her?

Give birth to new emotional entanglements.

  The affair of a man is mostly related to his social connection and changes in economic strength.

Some men because?

In the career, the spring breeze is flattering, and it is possible that there will be a shift in feelings, and there may be ambiguous relationships with their subordinates, such as female secretaries and female clerks.

And this kind of power affair often leads to bad results.

There are also men who are rich in business and think richly.

Middle-aged man with too many waists?

Probably mistress and migrant family and self-destructed family, into the abyss, these are probably called?

Economic affair.

These two affair are not based on feelings?

Foundation, even women?

Loves black people, power and money and sells their flesh.

This phenomenon has bad consequences for society and the family.

  The two affair phenomena are complicated by emotional affair.

A married man due to living in an existing family?

Having a problem, when he suddenly met the eyes of another woman, his feelings would shift.

He may not have a physical relationship with her, but they are emotionally attracted to each other.

Since each has his own family and children, he or she cannot fully establish the fetters of the family, and for a time can’t get rid of the new emotional trust.

This kind of affair is more complicated to resolve.

  Therefore, in order to seize the heart of middle-aged married men, reduce the occurrence of affair, and maintain the marriage of their own families, both husband and wife need to manage their marriage life well after marriage, and must make efforts in five aspects:First, regular communication: Poor communication is a problem that often occurs between husband and wife. Feelings are weak and topics are less. The chance of having an affair has also increased.

  Second, praise more and criticize less: women should not be too picky in feelings, too sensitive, too exaggerated, too contrived, and too particular about vanity, which will cause men’s boredom.

Should learn to understand the troubles of men in life, more concerned and considerate husband.

  Third, cultivate common interests: discover common topics and interests, and increase the time spent by both parties.

  Fourth, intimate physical contact: use small movements to express concern and love, such as holding hands, rubbing your back, and praising.

  Fifth, manage yourself: You must have the ability and opinion to prevent yourself from opposing each other, and coordinate with each other in terms of life needs, emotions, and career.

  Of course, affair is a pole in the emotional world of men?

Hidden and complicated problems. To solve this problem requires not only the efforts of his wife, but also the discussion of human civilization, morals, feelings, and psychological issues to find the ideal guidance method.

It is sometimes necessary to adopt laws to enforce restraints.

However, a smart woman should read the existing marriage as a new textbook after marriage, explore it, use her wisdom and love to make the flower of love constantly blooming and new, and bear fruit.