Taking Guyuan cream actually depends on your physique

Taking “Guyuan cream” actually depends on your physique

In winter, when you walk in a large supermarket or drug store, you can always see the “Guyuan Cream” counter, and the scent of fragrance that makes you want to buy some.
Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to “Winter Tibetan”, which means that you should pay attention to nutrition in winter. Therefore, many people hope to take nutrition for health care, but experts remind that taking “Guyuan cream” also depends on physical fitness.
  What is Guyuan cream?
  Guyuan cream is a food for nourishing the blood and nourishing the Yuan. It can work well every day.
The gelatin and red dates in Guyuan Paste can nourish blood, as well as black sesame, walnut kernel can nourish kidney, rock sugar can moisturize, and the method is very fine, especially easy to digest and absorb, especially suitable for women to take for many years, but also suitable for the elderlyBlood, kidney and treatment of cough are also very effective.
  Materials: Ejiao half a catty (1 catty available in winter), black sesame 1 catty, walnuts 1 catty, red dates 1 catty and a half, rock sugar half catty.
  Eating Guyuan cream also depends on the physique. Although Guyuan cream is rich in nutrition, the materials used are too heavy, and there are some biases, which are not suitable for people who use it. Long-term eating will slowly reduce the gastrointestinal function.
  The classic classics of Chinese Medicine, Neijing, repeatedly emphasizes: “If you have stomach qi, you will be born.
Death without stomach gas.
“It can be seen from this that stomach gas can never be hurt.
It is recommended that before taking Guyuan cream, it is best to ask Chinese medicine to add and subtract the prescription of Guyuan cream according to the user’s constitution.
  Who is not suitable for Guyuan cream?
  One: Women with cold uterus.
  The gelatin in Guyuan cream is a product that is nourishing and solid. If it is not combined with drugs that promote blood circulation and warming, it will cause qi and blood stagnation. Other red dates, rock sugar, black sesame, and walnut kernels are also nourishing and beneficial products.Aggravating the stagnation and stagnation of Guyuan cream, women with cold uterus can cause qi stagnation and blood stasis.
  2: People with bad spleen and stomach.
  Guyuan cream originally had insufficient spleen and stomach, poor appetite, stools were easy to bleed, pale complexion, fatigue, weak tongue fur, slow pulse.
Blindly listening to the letter Guyuan cream can replenish qi and blood, and after taking it by mistake, the following symptoms appear: “The appetite becomes worse, the stomach is swollen and stuffy, the stool is thick and thin, listless, women’s menstrual blood clots increase, physical fitness declines, and the spleen and stomachIt ‘s not good, but the more you eat, the more you look pale.
  Three: Children with weak spleen and stomach.
  Children with weak spleen and stomach eat Guyuan ointment for one month, they will have a swollen stomach, difficulty in excreting stools, blue part of the air pool, easy to catch a cold, and a particularly strong temper (children with hot and humid body are more likely to do this). They like to talk back and eat.No, appetite will worsen.
This is all because Guyuan cream is too greasy to eat for people with weak spleen and stomach, and the delicate and tender children are even more unsuitable.
  The composition of Guyuan cream is too greasy, and the sex is more severe. Most people will take various conditions soon after taking it.
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