8 tips for happy couples

8 tips for happy couples

Introduction: Ever since the son-in-law pinched people out of the soil, there have been men and women in the world, and there has been a topic about men and women that “smooth like spring water”.

Half of men are women and half of women are men.

Are women without men and men without women both incomplete hemispheres, making the two hemispheres “roll into one” and roll forward happily?

Then we must learn the art of getting along with husband and wife.

  Appreciate each other: The way of husband and wife, thousands of words, seems to sum up two principles, one is: “strive to make yourself appreciated by each other”; the first is: “strive to appreciate each other.”

The true charm of love is to discover Xiangyue.

Appreciation is a flower, love is a fruit.

To the person you love, don’t be shy about expressing your love and don’t slap your praise.

If you often use appropriate expressions to tell the other side: “I love you”, the three words are worth a thousand troops.

Appreciation is a recognition of each other. Affirmation and encouragement will inevitably lead to a sense of satisfaction. The most significant meaning of understanding is affirmation. Recognition, praise and appreciation are the common psychological needs of both parties, and they are also good for couples.One of the secrets of relationships.

  Store emotions: Everyone has an emotional bank account deep in their hearts.

If you often store true love and tacit understanding in your emotional account, the more supplementary metabolism your account has, the more you can extract happiness and joy, and you can also extract interest rates such as smile, tenderness, encouragement, and comfort.

Even if you occasionally pay for selfishness or lack of consideration, you will not be overdrawn for this reason.

If there are few funds in the account, each conflict will increase its severity.

And when the reserve of trust and appreciation is embedded in a state of resistance, if we continue to overdraw, feelings or marriage will be pushed to the brink of destruction.

Life is complicated, and we can all occasionally lose control and hurt our spouse.

The most effective way to avoid overdrafts in emotional bank accounts is to make more deposits, say more words of appreciation, and do more caring things.

  Personality independence: Gibran said in marriage: “In unity, there must be a gap.”

Although the strings tremble in the same pitch, each string is separate, so that you can play beautiful music.

Marriage is one-to-one freedom, one-to-one democracy.

Don’t be paranoid that “you are mine”, then you will make your love nest into a prison where the prisoner taboos the other person. Most of the people in it want to escape, just to see if he or she has the courage.

An old French song sings: “Love is the son of freedom, never after reign.”

If we want love to “grow”, we must first confirm that it has been carefully cultivated and steadfastly cared for.

Instead of changing yourself, let alone trying to change each other, you should adjust yourself to a moderate space, both to stay with each other and to be alone.

In the soil of marriage, letting two trees of personality grow freely can naturally harvest happy fruits.

  Obey each other: The Bible says, “If you want others to treat you, you have to treat others.” To make your marriage stable, the most important thing is to learn to respect.Respect for the other side, it is necessary to respect the other party, more importantly love the house and black, think that the other party’s parents, brothers and sisters and the other’s relatives and friends.

If you look down on the other person’s family, or at least push the other person’s family to your opposite side, this approach is very stupid, so that you become surrounded by helplessness, and it will be fatal to the stability of your marriage.

Money and love: There are two foundations of a family: one is money, and the other is love.

In simple terms: if there is love, there must be bread, and in a more elegant way, the economic foundation determines the superstructure.

Leaving money will at least affect love, which no one can deny.

However, money is a good thing and a bad slave.

Do n’t take money too seriously in your family life. If you spend a lot of time on money, you always use the “planned economy” to control the other party, so the other party does n’t have a little “invigorating economy” autonomy.Maybe one day, you will not implement your “policy” and you will care about it.

If there is no “that bird” in the love nest of marriage, at this time, your thoughts will grow because of the other party’s absence, and you may really know: money is dead, talent is alive, only talent is an emotional building.Roof beams.

  Cherish the good destiny: The Buddha said: “Thousands of past lives have been passed in exchange for this life.”

It ‘s not too early or too late in the vast world, and we met our other half. What a fate it takes. We have no reason not to cherish this good fate. We have no reason to treat our marriage like watching TV and changing at any time.Channel.

Imagine: if a person who did not take the first marriage seriously, can his second marriage be sure to run well?

Yes, because the changes in human thought, ideology, and feelings affect the stability of the union between men and women.

If you do not encounter an irretrievable death marriage, you must do your utmost to recover. Since you hold hands in this life, it is best to “hold the hand of your child and grow old with your child”.  Learn to give: Most people see love as “being loved” rather than “going to love”. They just want to make themselves cute, instead of actively learning how to love each other and how to care for their spiritual needs.

True love is “I give” instead of “I want” to devote his whole heart to inspire the vitality of the other person with his own vitality.

Giving is happier than receiving, not some kind of deprivation, because the existence of self-life is expressed in the act of giving.

Love should be pure, without any conditions or utilitarianism.

Love is a sharing rather than an obsession. Love means awareness of care, responsibility, and respect.

Reaching “you have me and you have me” is the top quality of marriage.

  Love each other: Both men and women have both the need to hurt and to be hurt.

It is best not to think that you have encountered a pure father-type man or a purely mother-type woman who only wants to hurt others, but a couple should be like a pair of chopsticks, sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty in life.

He (she) is off work, you bring him a cup of cool white; you lie asleep on the sofa, he (she) can gently cover you with a quilt . Maybe it is a trivial matter, but trivial, butOnly this little love can penetrate into the heart’s nest little by little in the long years, melt in the blood, and last forever.

Learn to tolerate: The highest state of fashion is sexy, the highest state of love is tolerance.

A functioning marriage does not mean a mutual accommodation between husband and wife, but also a compromise between ideal and reality.

Home is a place of reason, not a place of reason.

A philosopher said: “Open your eyes wide before marriage, and close one eye after marriage.”

Why does this sentence make sense, doesn’t it?

It is impossible for a person to be perfect in the first place. The reason why you like a person today is that you must be attracted by a certain personality of that person.

If you love a person deeply, then always forgive him everything, and conversely, if you tolerate a person forever, then you must love him (her) very much.

Tolerance, it can not only widen the scope of communication, but also continuously expand its own comfort zone.

  Learn to “understand”: A husband and wife must “understand” each other. The so-called “understand” is: when you encounter frustration, he or she does not say a word that is detrimental to your dignity; when you act with anger, he or she) Explain the story to you; when you are in a bad mood, he (she) will never have the same insights as you; if you open him (she) first laugh, if you worry about him (she) first worry, he (she)Your joy will tell you, but his (her) sorrow will not be lightly revealed to you; even if you are far away, he (she) believes in you.

Understand, what you need is understanding, what you need is thoughtfulness, and what you need is love.