The Three Principles of Health in the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics


The Three Principles of Health in the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics

The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic is a theoretically strong, comprehensive and comprehensive medical masterpiece.

However, throughout the whole article, the therapeutic formulas that really involve internal medicine are countless, but in terms of external treatment of acupuncture and moxibustion, there is a large chapter in prevention of health care, especially the proposed clearing, and the principle of raising the three elements.It is a brilliant conclusion.

銆€銆€First of all, “clearing the accumulation.”

Chinese medicine has a concept called “accumulation.”

Accumulation is divided into: gas accumulation, blood accumulation, food product, wine accumulation, hoarding, meat accumulation, water accumulation, milk accumulation. These accumulations are caused by meridians and meridians, and the blood vessels overlap.The five internal organs are involved, and the bones and bones are smashed.

Investigating the causes of its accumulation, Chinese medicine believes that there are two major factors: external and internal factors.

The so-called external cause, Chinese medicine believes that it is a violation of external evils such as “wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness, fire”; the so-called internal cause is excessive nutrition caused by overeating habits such as overeating, and the amount of exercise is reduced so that nutrients cannot be consumed and accumulated.In vivo, or due to emotional depression caused by imbalance of yin and yang metabolism, toxic substances and inert substances can not be excreted in time and stay in the body, which is the accumulation itself.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine believes that the wind is the longest disease, and it is the source of all diseases.

We do not hinder the cause of the accumulation of accumulation. Let’s see that none of the modern diseases and sub-health syndromes have a direct causal relationship with the accumulation, so there are ten people who sigh!

The celebration of the father is not dead, the difficulty of the Lu is not over, the accumulation is not removed, and why people are embarrassed.

“Nei Jing?

In the above-mentioned “popular paradox”, the general phenomenon of “the endless cravings, the sorrows and the sorrows, the sorrows and the sorrows, the sorrows and the sorrows and the sorrows of the sorrows and sorrows”The method is to dredge the washing of the viscera and blood vessels, so as to achieve the purpose of self-sufficiency, self-generation, strong flesh and health, and longevity.

銆€銆€Usually speak “and”.

Harmony is an important principle of TCM health care, “Nei Jing?”

The “Five Changzheng Daxue” pointed out that those who are not ill will seek their possession, the drugs will be poisoned, the food will follow, and the others will be able to complete themselves.

The general idea is that due to the accumulation of poly-stained starch in the human body for a long time, it will cause certain damage to the functions of various organs.

The so-called thieves sneak into the home, must first open the door to drive the thief, is to first hoard the drug, if there is no accumulation, then seek for its possession, followed by food, to adjust its stomach, and outside, repair the wall, in order to do everything.

“涓腑” speaks in a broad sense, refers to the abdominal cavity of the body, and has the meaning of “Zhongfu” and “Zhongzhou”; in the narrow sense, it refers to the spleen and stomach or the digestive system.

Chinese medicine has a high improvement on the spleen and stomach and its function: “The spleen and stomach are the foundation of the day after tomorrow”, and it is believed that the health and longevity of human beings is simply the prosperity of the spleen and stomach.

Furthermore, the spleen and stomach are the total pivotal organs of the human nutrient compress.

“Nei Jing?

According to the chapter on meridians, “Drinking into the stomach, swimming in the essence, entering the spleen, spleen and spleen, up to the lungs, passing the waterway, lowering the bladder, water fine four cloth, five parallels, combined with four hours and five organsYin and Yang, the degree of suspicion is also often.”

It can be seen that the spleen and stomach not only absorb the essence of water valley, but also distribute the nutrients needed by the human body, and it also has the key role of regulating the yin and yang of the organs and the blood vessels of the meridians. The Chinese medicine said that “the stomach is born, the stomach is lost” is the reason.
From this point of view, conditioning the spleen and stomach, and the principles of health care inside and outside it is especially important.

銆€銆€The third is “nurturing the yuan.”

Vitality is the total slaughter of people’s lives and longevity.

It is the sum of the human body, the gas, the gods.

The Xu Lingtai, a medical scientist in the Qing Dynasty, described this as saying: “The person who is in the vitality, who can’t see it, can’t ask for it. It is attached to the blood, and it is the first to be suffocated. When it is formed, it has been fixed.”

And said: “Without fire, it can make all the bodies warm, and water can make the five internal organs run, it depends on this.”

This means that vitality is the foundation of human life and the source of life.

Although it is invisible, it can’t be done, but it is actually there, and it plays a decisive role in human health and life.

He also compared the vitality to life as the relationship between firewood and fire: “For example, if you set a salary on fire, it will start to burn, but it will be strong for a long time, and the salary will be exhausted, and the fire will be extinguished.

If it has a long-term special, the salary is crisp and brittle.”

The general idea is that the length of life depends on the ups and downs of vitality, just like the long-lasting fire, depending on the crispness of the salary is a principle.

Well-known, many people will think that raising is a supplement, this is a misunderstanding.

Is raising and supplementing the same concept?

Not always.

銆€銆€”Nei Jing?In the “Five Changzheng Daxue”, it is clearly stated: “The husband and the meridian are in communication, the blood is in the air, the insufficiency is the same, and the public is the same, and the harmony is maintained. When you are still waiting, you must keep your breath and do not tilt.It is a singer, angry and long, and a sacred king.

“It means that there is a little bit of cultivation. It is necessary to remove the dross, clear the meridians, reconcile the blood and repair the organs. This is the key.”

Because the human body is an organic whole, nutrients in the body will transform each other and complement each other.

By adjusting the function of the viscera, we activate those silent functions into active functions, transform those useless substances into useful substances, adjust them to restore balance between yin and yang, maintain vitality, and fill the essence, so that “tune”The word is in the head, and the raise is in it.

Through nursed back to health, the human body presents a highly harmonious and unified state, thus achieving the perfect state of health and longevity.