Six benefits of eating more apples

Six benefits of eating more apples

Guide: The slogan “An apple a day” is one of the loudest slogans that people often shout.

But in addition to protecting the liver for everyone, Apple can also delay memory decline and prevent hypertension, diabetes, myocardial infarction and tooth loss.

  1. Cancer prevention: An Italian study shows that eating at least one apple a day can reduce the incidence of multiple cancers: 2% reduction in oral and throat 2 cancers, 25% reduction in esophageal cancer, 20% reduction in colon cancer, and free radical reduction18%, ovarian cancer decreased by 15%, prostate cancer decreased by 9%.

  2. Protect your teeth: A Harvard epidemiological survey shows that people who do n’t eat apples will have easier teeth replacement when they are older.

  3. Preventing Diabetes: Harvard researchers have found that women who eat an apple a day have a 28% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes than those who do not.

  4. Enhance memory: Drinking two cups of apple juice a day can stimulate the body to produce more acetylcholine-this is what is produced by patients with dementia.

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Lowell have found that drinking apple juice improves problem solving and computing power.

  5. Preventing high blood pressure: Japanese researchers have discovered that apigenin, a potential antioxidant in apples, can relieve high blood pressure and other allergic symptoms.

In addition to apples, apigenin is found in beans, broccoli, grapes, and onions.

  6, prevent heart disease: eating apples can help “dissolve” the “culprit” in blood vessels that causes high blood pressure-blood clots.

Research from the University of California, Davis shows that eating two apples a day or drinking a glass and a half of pure apple juice can reduce the amount of “bad cholesterol” in the blood and prevent arterial embolism.

A European study also showed that people who eat apples are 40% less likely to develop myocardial infarction than people who don’t.