Health wine helps the elderly to survive healthy winter


Health wine helps the elderly to survive healthy winter

Health wine, according to legend, began in the Tang Dynasty.

Xuanzong Li Longji was drunk in Yang Guifei. “Spring is bitter and short, and the king is not early,” and gradually he is thin and thin, and his limbs are tired.

銆€銆€Taiji face-to-face: “Chen Dongyou, an old man who heard the cow Fushan, more than 140 years old.

“Xuan Zongqi and call it, see Nai Weng Wufa Tong Yan, behave like a strong.

Ask what the mystery is.

Weng’s way of saying: “It is the essence of flowers, the god of medicine, the water of the five-eye spring brewing wine, often caused by drinking.

“Xuan Zong is overjoyed, and he and the noble drink the same drink. After a few days, the spirit is more refreshing, so Xin is called “health wine.”

銆€銆€In the winter, if you are weak, you can choose health wine according to your specific situation.

Health wine is mainly made from white rice wine or sorghum wine, which is prepared by replenishing traditional Chinese medicine for regulating liver and kidney.

Choose a clean brown jar and prepare the white wine or yellow wine. The better the alcohol, the better. Soak it in a cool place.

Admit the best before dinner.

銆€銆€Alcoholism, ginseng wines are already very familiar, and now introduce safflower wine, Tianmen winter wine, Xianling spleen wine, alcoholism, and earth wine.

銆€銆€The safflower wine soaks the safflower to a brown color with a strong flavor. When connecting in series, it is necessary to add 2-4 times of cold water.

The effect is to pass the blood circulation, reduce blood pressure and relieve pain, and it is suitable for high blood pressure and headache.

銆€銆€Tianmen winter wine Tianmen winter 60g, white wine 500g.

Wash the Asparagus first, put it in a gauze bag, tie it tightly, and put it in a wine can.

Pour the wine, seal, and soak for 30 days.

The effect is to run the five internal organs, and blood.

Applicable to the lack of kidney yin, the fire on the floating fire and easy to feel the external wind, resulting in blood loss, limb numbness, pain and other symptoms.

銆€銆€Xianling spleen wine takes 60g of Xianling spleen and 500g of white wine.

Wash the Xianling spleen first, drain it, mix it into the gauze bag, tie it tightly, put it into the jar, then pour the white wine into it, cover it, soak it for seven days.

The effect is Yigan kidney, strong bones and bones.

Applicable to both yin and yang damage, men’s impotence caused by the death of the door, women infertility, limbs and other patients.

銆€銆€60g wine, 500g white wine.

It will be poured into a white wine can and soaked for seven days.

The effect is to make up the life and strengthen the bones.

Applicable to muscle numbness caused by spleen deficiency, can not nutrition the limbs, body thinness and other symptoms.

銆€銆€Rehmanniae rehmanniae 60g, white wine 500g.

Wash the ground radix, soak it in a white wine can, seal it tightly with air-tight plastic paper, soak it for seven days.

The effect is Shujin Huoxue, which is suitable for numbness of the limbs caused by yin deficiency and dystrophy, and pain and other symptoms.